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A small selection of songs I wrote (yes, I love Gothenburg!).

Text and music: James Weikert

Gothenburg Town

England I love you with all of my heart But you give no help to those making a start You inch your way forward, like a horse and cart Progressing so stately and slowly Your hierarchies are the things I abhor The judging and sneering’s become such a bore And I’ve put up with it, but not anymore I love you but I have to leave you CHORUS: Welcome to Gothenburg town I’ll walk the wide avenue No I’ve nothing to lose I live how I choose Welcome to Göteborg Welcome to Göteborg This Emigrant's hopes are both foolish and vain It’s better than sticking with more of the same If I don’t hop it now I’ll have noone to blame But me and my cowardly doubtings Now the Irish they sing about missing their home In the next breath they sing of a life on the roam Well it ain’t so bad now with the mobile phone Go roaming and get on the blower! CHORUS Well I don’t mind hard work when the pay makes the rent But I’ve had half a pint and my money is spent And I won’t join the rat race so they can get bent A job is a job not a sentence Now imagine a place where the hardships are few Where workers are valued and getting their due And look to the north and if was you I run out and buy me that phrasebook CHORUS

Reds Under the Skin

Pavel Kowalski please come in We'd like to know just where you've been We hear you're quite the penitent man Going to church when you can... Going to church is not a crime We only go at Christmas time And anyway, we don't believe in Jesus We're just tradition-bound. (CHORUS] Maria take me away to another place Maria take me away from my homeland from my homeland We've heard you wish to emigrate We'll hold your passport keep it safe Abroad are lots of foreign spies And in this country they have eyes I've never heard of such a thing We only plan on visiting My grandfather's fallen sick That's the truth and it's no trick. (CHORUS) You are a writer for the stage But in your scripts there's not a page About the trials of the Common Man Try to explain this, if you can... Why should art be confined to subjects? The Revolution's had its share If you tamper with my productions I won't stand it, I don't care! (CHORUS) We'll take you to an unknown place Your child will never see your face There will be no clue left behind Your wife will search but never find Your bourgeosie are all on trial And you must face your denial You're always idle, always shirk It's time you tasted real work.

Love for Göteborg

They say you're just a small town that you're nice, but you're far too tame. We tell 'em all to calm down. What's the big rush anyway? On your quiet streets I'm home. And when there's noone there I'm not alone. CHORUS: For Venice is so beguiling She loves to reel you in And London she's so complicated Where do we begin? Paris is Queen of Culture and Monte Carlo's fast But love for Göteborg is love that always lasts. Love for Göteborg is the love that always lasts. Your cranes they rise up in glory They're proud of the days gone by They stand to tell your story Like rocks in the stream of time Alone the sailor's wife looks out to sea. Her gaze forever pleads "Come back to me..." CHORUS Before home was where I laid my hat and I never thought that that would change. But now, you have laid roots into my heart and I don't think that I can start again. CHORUS

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